recolor blinkie boxes



Well honeys, here you have a little tut that I think it's gonna help some girls to begin at blinkie world.

Please don't copy the blinkie box, it's mine, original and it's not free to use.

If you need a free blinkie box, go here


You're gonna need:


- Jasc Animation Shop (here)

- Some blinkie box

- A color palette (non necessary)


Let's begin!


1) Open Jasc Animation Shop




2) Go examinate to search for your blinkie box



3) Double click on your blinkie box to open it



4) Then go to the menu animation to replace color



5) You'll see a window like this and then click on the first color



6) With the color picker just pick the color you want to change and then click OK



7) Then pick the second color, your new color



8) Select your new color from your palette (with the color picker) or just find some color you like



9) Check "all the frames" and then click OK



10) Look at this!



10) Now, do all the steps again to finish your blinkie box




Here's mine :)




Hope you enjoy this tut and find this helpful.


Big hugs.



change frames order


Here's another tut


You're gonna need:


- Jasc Animation Shop (here)

- Some blinkie box


1) Open your blinkie box, select all the frames (Ctrl+A) and go to Window menu and the duplicate (or Shift+D)



2) Select all the frames from the second blinkie box (Ctrl+A) then go to the Animation menu and reverse frames



3) Now you have a blinkie box that goes in reverse. This is very good to mix with the same blinkie box in order to make the blinke looks more graceful.


Hope you like this tut.


Big hugs :)




make a full blinkie


There's a lot of ways to do this, this is the one I know and I want to share it with you.


You're gonna need:


- Jasc Animation Shop (here)

- Some blinkie box

- Some pixel tube or gif


1) Open your blinkie box or boxes.. like you already see in past tuts, you can use the same blinkie box with different frames order.

Important! Be sure the blinkie box artist allow you to make that change.



2) Open a new image like 300*300px



3) Go to Animation menu and insert frames to complete the number of frames that the blinkie box has



4) Then click the last frame and keep Shitf pressed and with the left arrow go to the first frame, this is to select all the frames in the correct order



5) Do the same thing with (step 4) the two blinkie boxes you'll use



6) Then, we'll go to the tricky part: click and hold the first frame and take it to he first empty frame: