Well, I will love everything you give me!

I'll use all of your gifts, that's for sure.

If you want to give me any siggie or blinkie I'll love them with


Name: Maryness or Mary

Hair color: Black

Eyes color: Black

Favorite colors: I love all colors! But most purple, pink, green and light blue


I would love to trade my stuff.

Right now I don't have a lot, but if you like we can trade packs :)

I would love this memberships:


- Tati Pixel

- Sildabia

- Mágico arcoiris

- Vivis Pixel Area

- Grammys Creative Garden

- Sabrinas Pixels

- Odd Pixels

- Funny Bunny Pixels

- Verinha Pixels

- Elf Expressions


And I really love the packs from:


- Rosey Posey Pixels

-Vanilla Patch

- MeYouGraphics

- ItseyBitz

- Northern Lights

- Limitless Pixels



Just email me if you want to trade something!

Big hugs from Venezuela.